Austin's Platform

For Iowa’s Families

  • I support fully-funding K-12 education in Iowa to make Iowa’s education #1 again.

  • I oppose using school vouchers that defund our public schools.

  • I support expanding after-school programs that will help develop future generations.

  • I support the creation of a universal higher education system through the expansion of free public community colleges and affordable state universities.

  • I support family-friendly policies like paid leave, universal child-care, and a child allowance.

For Iowa’s Communities

  • I believe in serving local food in Iowa schools by workers paid a fair wage.

  • I support the right of LGBTQ people to enjoy the rights and privileges afforded to every Iowan.

  • I support a woman’s right to choose.

  • I support guaranteed funding to ensure that veterans can access every benefit they have earned and deserve.

  • I support an increase in state funding for libraries, museums, and the performing and creative arts.

  • I support expanding public/private partnerships to help people with disabilities get independence.

For Iowa’s Security

  • I support a state budget that bolsters the middle class and the economy rather than cutting essential services.

  • I oppose raising taxes on the middle class.

  • I support a higher minimum wage.

  • I oppose the privatization of Medicaid in Iowa.

  • I support protecting the right of unions, including public-sector unions, to collectively bargain for a fair contract and reasonable benefits.

  • I oppose policies, such as non-compete agreements, that restrict a person’s ability to find a new job.

For Iowa’s Future

  • I support phasing out industrial animal facilities (CAFOs).

  • I support Iowa’s nonpartisan redistricting process to stop gerrymandering.

  • I support reinstating state funding of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University.

  • I believe that climate change is mostly human-made and will support policies that stem the tide of global warming.

  • I support Iowa’s laws to ban corporate and foreign ownership of farmland.

  • I support a limit on how much one person can give in an Iowa campaign.

  • I support making it easier to vote by 1) Automatically registering voters with an opt-out provision, 2) Making Election Day a holiday, and 3) Resisting efforts that infringe on any Iowan’s right to vote.