Austin is the Deputy Director of the Thurman Arnold Project at Yale University (an antitrust initiative), a Fellow at The Harkin Institute at Drake University, and a Senior Fellow at Data for Progress. He is also working on a book inspired by an article he originally published in The American Conservative entitled “To Revive Rural America, We Must Fix Our Broken Food System” (republished in the Cedar Rapids Gazette, Civil Eats, and The Progressive Populist). This book calls for restoring the balance of power in America's food system in favor of farmers, workers, small businesses, and communities.

Austin is a 7th generation Iowan from Cedar Rapids. His mother Kathy ran a beauty salon before opening her own bakery. His father Scott delivered and merchandised beer at the same family-run company as Austin’s grandfather. Austin’s passion for agriculture came from spending his weekends with his Grandpa Frerick, who Austin calls one of his heroes.


Austin attended high school at Jefferson High School where he was active in soccer, cross country, newspaper, and show choir. Austin has held a job since the age of 12, when he started working at the Cedar Rapids Gazette as a paperboy. He then worked at Drugtown and spent a summer detasseling corn, which helped pay for his first car (a Ford ZX2). To the joy of his mom and his Grandma Fiala, Austin volunteered in various Cedar Rapids Czech heritage organizations, even serving for a year as Czech Prince. This role involved lots of dancing the polka, eating kolaches, and waving in parades.


After graduating as a class Salutatorian, Austin attended Grinnell College where he received the following merit scholarships in addition to Pell Grants: Grinnell Trustee Honor, Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust, the Council of Higher Education, the Czech Heritage Foundation, the Mary J. Boland Endowment Fund, the Czech Women’s Educational Society, and the Komensky Society. Throughout his studies, Austin always kept busy, including juggling four jobs. His favorite was working as a Special Needs Care Provider for the Arc of East Central Iowa, where he coordinated social activities for special needs clients in the county, including a biweekly cooking club, a summer nights program, and monthly overnight trips. In his final year, Austin wrote two college theses related to corporate power in Iowa’s slaughterhouse communities.

After being the first in his family to graduate from college, Austin attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison on a full academic scholarship. While a student, he worked as a Project Assistant at the acclaimed Institute for Research on Poverty, which tasked him with coordinating the administration of a multi-site field survey that explored food security and financial behaviors among low-income households with children. For his thesis, he led a group in providing recommendations to the Wisconsin Children’s Trust Fund to improve their experimental program in reducing child abuse.  


Once he completed his education, Austin took a job at the Congressional Research Service in the Library of Congress. He provided nonpartisan policy analysis to members of Congress and their staff and focused on income support programs and healthcare finance. He then worked as an Economist at the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Tax Policy. While working next to the White House, Austin published research on executive compensation, pharmaceutical corporate charity abuses, and the growth of concentration in the American economy.


Following the 2016 election, Austin decided to move back to Iowa to run for public office in Iowa’s Third Congressional District. Focusing on how agribusiness corporations harm farmers, workers, small businesses, and communities, he ran the first modern American trust-busting campaign. In particular, he attacked the then pending merger between the agribusiness giants Monsanto and Bayer. He took his economic populist message to national publications like The Intercept, Bloomberg BNA, SlowFoodsUSA, The Nation, and numerous small-town Iowa papers like the Creston News Advertiser, Guthrie Times, & Earlham Advocate.  Austin ended his campaign in March 2018 when he realized that he did not have the financial resources to compete.


Austin has continued to highlight the growing economic concentration in the American economy. He worked as the Director of Special Projects at the Open Markets Institute, where he authored the report “America's Concentration Crisis,” that was covered by David Leonhardt in his New York Times column and shared by Sen. Bernie Sanders and David Axelrod. He also created & organized the "Heartland Forum" in Storm Lake, Iowa, the first 2020 Iowa Caucus candidate event, which focused on economic concentration’s impacts on rural America. The event was attended by a number of presidential candidates, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro.


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